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Sommita vCTO Service™

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The speed of change and advancement in technology continues to increase.  Small and medium sized businesses often struggle to keep up with technological changes that are critical to their growth, success and security.  Most do not or cannot make investments in dedicated IT organization leadership roles.  Critical technology business decisions are commonly made ad-hoc without a strategic vision. 

Enterprise organizations benefit from having dedicated, executive management personnel, Chief Technology Officers, to guide a company’s information technology infrastructure and avoid making short-term decisions that cost more and produce less in the long term. Now, small and medium sized businesses can enjoy the same benefit.

The Sommita vCTO Service provides enterprise-level IT organization leadership and experience at a cost and consumption level designed specifically for the needs of small and medium sized business.

Sommita offers the consulting experience and knowledge gained from nearly a quarter-century of IT leadership earned through the researching, vetting, relationship building and practical engagements with the leading technology service providers across all of the core business technology infrastructure components:  Cloud Services, Security, Communications and Collaboration and Networking. We build bridges between the needs and goals of our clients and the best-in-class providers of technology systems, services and support. Most importantly, we take responsibility for supplying the leadership to manage them.

Business IT Vision & Strategy IT Organization Management
  • Clearly define the roadmap between targeted client business goals and selecting the technology stack tools that will achieve them.
  • Technology vendor management
  • Research, vet and recommend key technology products and services
  • Technology implementation project management
Budgeting Flexible Service Cost Options
  • Capital expenditure vs. operational expenditure methodology feature/benefit analysis
  • Quarterly/Bi-Annual/Annual Budget reviews
  • Dedicated time allocation on a monthly retainer basis
  • Ad hoc hourly time bloc allotments for growth or business transition research/consultation initiatives
  • Affordable, cost effective and beneficial service plans that adjust to our client’s needs

“Since hiring Sommita for vCTO services, [our firm] has received expert, high-quality IT leadership, guidance and management support and advice.  I can rest easy knowing that Sommita has us covered with professional, tailored solutions to all of our IT challenges. Sommita has always delivered practical, and effective approaches. I cannot recommend the company enough.”

– Nathan Cliber, Principal, Seattle Divorce Services

The Sommita vCTO Service™ Guides Small and Medium Sized Businesses Toward Consistently Reliable Technology Solutions Sourced From Industry Leading Service Providers Focused in the Areas of: Cloud Technology, Security, Communications and Collaboration, Networking, Technology Expense Management and Gen AI.

01. Cloud Technology Solutions

Cloud Desktops:

  • Reduce PC hardware and maintenance cost with Windows PC in the cloud; accessible from any type of device

Software as a Service:

  • Web-based subscriptions to a wide selection of business apps:  Microsoft 365, Docusign, Adobe, QuickBooks Online, etc.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • Restore critical business data and maintain business functionality during emergencies

Infrastructure as a Service:

  • Cost-effective method for SMBs to access virtual servers and network data storage for custom applications

02. Security

SMB Security Infrastructure Toolset

  • SMB End User Security Awareness Training
  • Virus/Malware/Ransomware Protection Consolidation
  • Security Assessments
  • Cloud Firewall – Internet connection without hardware investment
  • 2 Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication Standardization
  • Secure Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Password Management Strategies
  • Domain Security – proper inclusion of domain record entries (e.g., DKIM, DEMARC, SPF) to block spoofing, SPAM, phishing attempts
  • URL Filtering – just say NO to bad link clicking

03. Communications & Collaboration

Unified Communications as a Service:

  • Cloud hosted audio/video/web communications

Contact Center as a Service:

  • Empowering SMB teams with voice/text/chat/bots to provide advanced support and service to their customers

MS SharePoint Development:

  • Helping SMBs who subscribe to Microsoft 365 leverage this included but under-utilized internal and external team collaboration tool

Video Conferencing Systems:

  • Small, medium and large meeting and training room systems design, procurement, and vendor deployment project management
  • Zoom and MS Teams Room Integration

04. Networking

Internet Access:

  • Fiber
  • Satellite Connectivity
  • Fixed Wireless (FWA)
  • Wireless Cellular
  • Backup Internet Connection Strategies

Wide Area Networking:

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – modern cloud networking method of securely connecting together multiple locations, data centers and remote workers using existing Internet access connections
  • Cloud Managed Remote Access – offload the responsibility of VPN access to purpose built cloud remote access platform

05. Technology Expense Management

Scheduled billing and expenses review:

  • Invoice and billing discrepancy resolution support
  • Supplier contract negotiation and execution
  • Auto-contract-renewal prevention to deter getting locked into financial obligations with providers for outdated or unnecessary services

06. Gen AI for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Practical Applications for Generative AI

  • Sommita provides guidance to SMBs on how to productively begin to leverage AI functions that are currently included (and already part of their technology spend) in tools they use everyday
  • We identify and educate customers on how to incorporate AI components which are readily available to them into their existing line of business applications.
  • Our commitment is to encourage small and medium sized businesses to not be left behind in the evolution of AI technology while helping them separate the truth from the hype.