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Our Method

A consistent approach.

We like to know what makes our clients’ businesses tick. Considerable time is spent learning how they operate, why they operate that way, what is working, what isn’t. We dig into this knowledge to seek out where technology can not only solve problems but create opportunity. It’s important for us to know where they are going so we can define and refine the vehicle that gets them there. We earn the privilege to act as their navigator – before, during and after the journey commences and for as long as it continues.

Our mission is to help you put technology to its best use for your business. Over the last 17 years, we’ve developed and refined a consistently effective four step process to accomplish this:



We invest the time to learn about your business, its goals and existing technology ecosystem. Our clients are encouraged to share with us their vision of how their business can and should optimally function. Then, we assimilate that information and map it to the technologies that provide the highest probability of making that vision a reality.



We leverage our in-depth knowledge of technology and the vendors who provide them to develop a technology roadmap to get our clients from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. We research and recommend; once a course is determined, we roll up our sleeves to quickly and accurately turn the lights from red to green.



Sommita provides step-by-step project management and implementation support. We work tirelessly to ensure that what has been recommended and accepted as the path forward leads our clients towards the planned destination. From the first hand-off call between the service provider and our client, through the coordination of all technical details, right up until the first invoice arrives.



The first three steps are just the beginning of a long-term relationship. Our commitment is unwavering – whether we’re ensuring a recommended technology delivers as promised, guiding its expansion or contraction based upon the changing needs of the business, correcting errors when they occur or consulting on new ways to evolve the infrastructure we’ve built together.

Areas of Expertise

Cloud Technology Solutions

Virtualized access to standard and emerging business IT infrastructure services.

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Private and public network access services from the Internet to SD-WAN.

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Unified Communications

Unified communications tools incorporating audio, video, instant messaging and web conferencing.

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Managed security services working to prevent attacks before they happen and defending against them when they do.

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Case Studies

Here are several examples of successful collaborations between Sommita and its customers experienced over the last 20 years.

Connecting an Environmental Science Research Company’s Data to the People who Need Access

Sommita builds a combination wired and wireless network infrastructure to support the collection and dissemination of environment science data for end users in government, science and academia.

Charting a Course for a Startup Company

Sommita charts a 21st century technology infrastructure course for a forward thinking market research and business data analysis firm.

Guiding a Local Software Company Towards Becoming a Global Enterprise

Sommita works long term to support a Pacific Northwest software company’s growth from an island-based enclave to an urban headquartered, multi-national organization.