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With the ramp up of dependence on virtualized, cloud-based technology comes an even greater reliance by businesses upon their network infrastructure – whether it be wired or wireless, private or public. We understand from decades of experience that just throwing bandwidth at a network problem does not always solve it. That is why Sommita works with customers to ensure their network infrastructures are built for speed as well as performance and security.

Wide Area Networking – SD WAN, Fiber, Internet

Network connectivity services unifying disparate and remote business locations

  • Direct communication and data flow between all points of a business’ physical sites

Colocation & Data Center

High powered, security hardened facilities providing housing for computing and network systems

  • Carrier-grade sites with carrier grade power, cooling, security and multi-network connectivity

Satellite IP and Cellular Data Connectivity

Unwired Internet connectivity  4G/LTE & global satellite access

  • Wireless connectivity at broadband speeds able to deliver primary and secondary access

International Network Services

Worldwide voice & data, public and private network connectivity

  • Single source connectivity for US businesses with international locations