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We are technologists.

From its inception, Sommita has consistently – relentlessly – researched, studied, vetted and tested the cloud, networking and communications and collaboration products and services of those technology partners with whom we have chosen to work. We build networks. By using both tried and true and as well as cutting edge technology tools, we guide our clients towards modern methods of communicating with their customers and their partners. We create technological foundations for people to work together, whether they are in the office next door or a continent away. And, we don’t consider the job done until we recommend ways to protect and secure the infrastructure we’ve built.

Technology challenges are often much like puzzles.

As it is with every puzzle, although the pieces may be similarly shaped, the picture they display in the end is unique. Sommita’s approach to assembling client technology infrastructure puzzles is to start with the big picture first. From there we search out and recommend the best-in-class technology pieces. We then project manage the connection of the pieces together bringing the picture into its clearest focus. Ultimately, we keep it in focus for the long term.

Areas of Expertise

Cloud Technology Solutions

Virtualized access to standard and emerging business IT infrastructure services.

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Private and public network access services from the Internet to SD-WAN.

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Unified Communications

Unified communications tools incorporating audio, video, instant messaging and web conferencing.

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Managed security services working to prevent attacks before they happen and defending against them when they do.

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