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Compoze Labs

Compoze Labs transforms ideas into PRACTICAL-INTELLIGENT-DYNAMIC solutions.
Specializing in App Development, Data Integrations and AI Solutions.

From strategic consulting to end-to-end implementation, Compoze Lab’s trusted team of expert software developers put your goals at the forefront of everything they do.

Compoze Labs works alongside Sommita as we work with our clients in creating development strategies for legacy cloud migration, cloud application engineering, minimal viable product development and user interface and experience design.

Areas of Expertise:


Conceiving Generative AI

  • Understanding capabilities of Gen AI – classes of problems it excels in, what to defer?
  • Corporate strategies for Gen AI – what are key leaders (and Board) expecting or hoping to get out of Gen AI?
  • Market & Competitive Landscape – how are key competitors and players in the ecosystem leveraging or planning to leverage Gen AI?
  • Target use cases to explore via POC / POVs – experiment with Gen AI model capabilities and build out phased roadmap (or options)

Generative AI Experimentation

  • Leverage private foundation models to explore enterprise data and domains
    • In secure and while maintaining data privacy environments, leverage private models via knowledge retrieval augmentation and agent automation for domain and context specific enterprise use cases
  • Leverage public GPT models for quick exploration & evaluation
    • Leverage chat interfaces or public APIs
    • Perform prompt engineering to tune queries, assess base models
    • Avoid proprietary / sensitive data
  • Further fine-tuning and knowledge augmentation of foundation models
    • Train and optimize AI models for targeted enterprise domain(s) and use cases
    • Drive further process automation and augmentation

Generative AI Journey

  • Product + Generative AI ideation & inception
  • Generative AI quick POCs & POVs – models, data, policies, processes / workflows
  • Moving towards MVP & operationalizing
  • On-going Product enhancements & optimizations
  • Iterating & continuing to experiment and learn