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Paradoxes, Inc. – B2B & B2C Post Covid-19 Strategies

We are ever on the hunt for insightful data. Not just about technology but also about business and marketplaces in general. In not only makes us a better and more trusted advisor, but a better business ourselves. To that end we share some of that insightful data with you.

Please access here some interesting and compelling information from Paradoxes, Inc., a leading strategic marketing organization that gathers and analyzes information to help clients make sales, marketing and product decisions. They have published two of a three part series entitled, ‘Adapting B2B & B2C Strategies in the Time of COVID.’  We’ll be notifying of the availability of the third episode very soon.

EPISODE 1: Covid B2B & B2C Adaptation Article – Episode 1

EPISODE 2: Paradoxes Adapting B2B & B2C Strategies in the Time of COVID – Episode 2